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Meeting Notes / Desktop Firefox / 2011-10-18

Action Items from Last Week

(eg. Action items from last week's meeting)

  • Firefox 8 bug triage process should start being more thorough o as not to miss FIXED bugs which might be missing [qa*] triage
  • Describe process for using whiteboard entries in Unconfirmed bugs
    • Blog about it
  • Discuss QA4 goals for the team including SoftVistion

Discussion Items

(eg. Discussion items for the team)

  • [otilia] Feature ownership tracking wiki
    • ashughes set this up late last week as a way to improve QA feature ownership visibility; asked Otilia to port info from her tracking spreadsheet
  • [otilia] Need to reduce/re-prioritize current desktop manual tasks as the focus is getting more on the new features. A summary of the current tasks can be found here: | Summary

Status Updates

(eg. Status highlights and top issues)


(eg. staffing update, vacation)

  • Ioana Budnar is on vacation this week. She will return to office on Monday October 24.
  • Andrei Domuta will leave the company in about 2 weeks. Paul Silaghi is currently ramping up so that he can fill in this position.

Action Items this Week

(eg. Action items)

  • How are we going to prioritize manual tasks going forward?
    • We need to write a wiki explaining a new approach: task list, priority ranking, timeline, scrumpad daily schedule(?)
  • Set up a meeting with Dave Townsend and fligtar to see how to approach this. Scheduled for Thu late morn.