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Meeting Notes / Desktop Firefox / 2012-01-24

Action Items from Last Week

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Discussion Items

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Firefox Updates

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  • Mozilla (test lead)
    • Firefox 11: if you have any features shipping in Firefox 11, please ensure tests are in Litums by tomorrow and notify me (ashughes)
    • Firefox 3.6.26: shipping this week, will likely need some help testing
    • Default Compatible Add-ons: awesome effort so far, please finish up whatever you can today
  • Waverley (Paul, Ioana, Mihaela, Virgil, Simona, VladG)
    • Firefox 10 default to compatible add-on verification on all platforms: Link
    • Firefox 10 Beta 5 Test Plan
    • Firefox 11
      • Feature ownership
        • SPDY - Ioana - added test cases to litmus
        • Chrome Migration - Paul - Exploratory testing; updated test cases
      • Vet Litmus test cases
    • Firefox 12
    • Feature - Silent Update Link
      • Lessen the showing of the what's new page Link - Mihaela
        • Status: SHIPPED
      • Removal of OS security dialog for Windows Link - Simona
        • Status: Health ok. Landed on Nightly. Started to run test cases on all platforms
      • Add-ons default to compatible Link - Virgil
        • Status: Health ok. ran usual test cases, tested add-on breakage, verified fixed bugs, signed off on Firefox 10 Beta 5, preparing final sign-off
      • Background updates Link - VladG
        • Status: Health ok. Testing is in progress on the oak branch
      • Workflow with Incompatible Add-ons Link - Ioana
        • Status: Feature still in definition. Reviewed the meeting notes and feature wiki page
      • Lessen the display of app update UI Link - Paul
        • Status: SHIPPED
      • component watching Tabbed Browser, Session Restore, Panorama


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  • Paul Silaghi is on PTO until Monday, 30th of January

Action Items this Week

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