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  • Initially supported by Facebook
  • Potentially Mixi and Cliqz
  • Metabug

User Stories

  • Share URLs, Videos, Images via toolbar button
  • Share URLs, Videos, Images via context menu

Test Cases

Social Marks

User Stories

  • save for later, pocket
  • only work for currently selected provider

Install From Web

User Stories

  • test through the github demo project
  • activation path should be similar as Facebook's landing page except with opt-in panel

WebRTC Support


  • Selenium project to test activation of real providers
    • good chance of high maintenance due to external dependencies
    • ie. Facebook - contacts list doesn't show up
    • what is our reaction in the case of a test failure?
      • we can email the provider but we have to wait for them to fix it
    • reach out to providers to see if they're interested in helping
      • github repo where they can contribute tests/changes
    • How does Shane's Selenium project relate to WebDriver?
    • P1: Add support to Selenium to test the panels, chat, Facebook contacts list
    • See also talkilla (uses node.js, Shane's patched Selenium)
    • See if Shane's patch does not regress existing WebDriver tests to see if patch can be upstreamed to WebDriver

New Partners

Some new partners might come into play for Fx23+