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Desktop QA Standup - June 4th, 2014

Dial-in Information

Attendees: juanb, Florin, KaiRo, tracy, mwobensmith, Mihaela, ashughes, Camelia, Cornel, Bogdan, Alexandra, Andrei, Francesca, petruta, Otilia


Upcoming Schedule

Previous Action Items

  • Testday attendance in US time zone is low.
    • [Florin] 3 people helped with moderation for the US time frame during the past Aurora 31 Testday - 10 people contributed to the testday
  • Bugs resolved fixed, label got added late in the sprint, bug examples, talk to Marco.
    • [Florin] Sent to Juan via email a list of bugs that entered the sprint late, some after being Resolved Fixed outside of the sprint (4 bugs entered on Friday, 4 on Thursday)
  • MozTrap. What's worth bug filing and what is worth having a discussion on? Let's talk to Clint about the larger issues (UX/UI). We need a list of major pain points, and specifics of what is an obstacle in MozTrap.
    • [Florin] Still need to follow up on this
  • Firefox QA Reorg, when are we going to go over this?
  • There are a few nightly crash issues that need to be filed. Are any of the ADI issues having an effect in the crash rate for nightly? Maybe.

Discussion Items

  • Firefox QA reorg
  • Bugzilla keywords proposal - we will decide a final version in 2 weeks. By the end of Q2.
  • NEW bugs - we can set the firefox-backlog? flag on them. This puts them into a triage by Marco's iteration planning team. Criteria described here: This may help get new Firefox bugs fixed promptly.

Feature List Discussion

Channel Status

Beta (Fx 30) (Tracy/KaiRo)

  • Still some concerns around Brazil banking crash bug 883134.
  • pdf.js printing bug 1003707 should be fully fixed in RC builds.

Aurora (Fx 31) (Anthony/Liz)

  • On track for merge to Beta on Monday
  • Feature owners make sure you finish your pre-Beta sign-offs this week

Nightly (Fx 32) (Juan/Kamil)

  • Working on filing stability bugs.

ESR (Fx 24.6)


  • Security bug verification for Fx30 and ESR


   Working on 8 P1 bugs
   Automation training day (no. 3) going on today
   Goals: Mozmill for Marionette - Mozhttpd bug 754847 has patch up
   Goals: Test creation - Geolocation tests have patches, TPS tests received ok from Edwin regarding implementation
   Goals: TPS - Landed bug 1009004. Next steps: Testing coversheet on windows and checking how to get it running there
   Goals: Puppet - Henrik will work on a class for software settings, configurations, proxy


  • Both beta and release have higher crash rates that liked/expected.
    • On both, bug 1018236 (McAfee) is probably a main cause.
    • On Beta, bug 883134 (Brazil banks) is another large contributor.
      • This seems to have been introduced by poison-on-free patches in Fx30.
  • Nightly has a number of high-ranking crashes, probably a number related to OMTC.
  • OOM is probably the main issue across channels, a patch on nightly is near that could help there somewhat, but we need more analysis long-term - bsmedberg and his people are working on that.


  • Baloo data import for Bugzilla (Desktop triage) is in progress. We should have that report soon
    • github imports won't happen for q2. Moztrap imports might.
    • Firefox OS, Services, and Automation are almost ready for handoff to the Baloo team.

One and Done use tripled in the last month! (From testdays, Nightly link) May 7: 305 non-staff contributors, 195 task attempts, 123 finished. Jun 2: 670 non-staff contributors, 444 task attempts. 302 finished.

Notes and Actions