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Desktop QA Meeting 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 99779 (US/INTL) 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 99779 (US) Vidyo Room: QA-Desktop Vidyo: Archive: Attendees

   mschifer, ashughes, tracy


   [juanb] - PTO for Aug 8 - 26 


  • Goals
    • [tracy] Single point landing page
  • Whats New in Firefox
  • Issues/Blockers
    • WebRTC Status
      • basic test plan is work in progress
    • RADEON driver crash
      • New signature - different crash
      • Juan runs a huge video play list on youtube over night and dogfood on it for a day
      • Anthony also dogfoods on a his windows 8 netbook
      • Neither found the crash.
      • Appears to be hardware specific Bug 902349
    • L10N packaging
      • follow up with rel-managers about plan to prevent this happening again
    • Relevant Knowledge Add-on block list didn't work.
      • DLL block list - rarely works. Depends on when the DLL is loaded.
      • Current version available for RK does not have the same DLL.
    • localization testing -
      • Random selection of 3 locale builds per platform.
      • Anthony selected 3 locales for each platform and uses the same each time.
      • Time is roughly an hour for en-us plus the 3 locales
      • all 80 locales on all platforms would take a couple of days.
      • Automation does not and cannot test the installer
      • en-us installer gets covered by manual testing.
      • Installer problems are not a high-risk areas. First time it failed in a recent memory
      • failed for 50 locales bug #904762 #903716
      • For now do random spot checks of localaized installers
    • Mixed Content Blocking
      • One outstanding bug - from secure frame set to insecure page
      • Lots of user requests that blocking is not very "sticky" - it does not remember your settings for a page or domain.
  • Round Table
    • FF24 - Next ESR version will fork off this, there will be two ESRs in progress for the next couple of weeks. ESR 17 will continue updating for the next two cycles along with an ESR 24 release.
    • matt asked to look at a security bug on ARM for Linux
    • Talk to clint about possible access to panda boards and emulators
    • Matt will be officially verifying/assigning security bugs for verification every Friday, so that we don't wait too long into the release cycle and potentially cause a respin (like this time). Also, will try to hit as many branches as possible (all?) instead of adhoc or targeted branches.

Notes Previous Action Items

  • Juan follow up on status of NVIDA 3D bug for Youtube.
   * Tested and is now behaving correctly

New Action Items

  • tracy - task list for QMO page for desktop
  • mschifer - talk to Clint about installer automation