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Desktop QA Meeting 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 99779 (US/INTL) 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 99779 (US) Vidyo Room: QA-Desktop Time of the meeting: 2pm pdt most tuesdays Vidyo: Archive: Attendees


   PTO Matt 9/19-9/20


  • Whats New in Firefox
    • Asa to give update
    • Fx26 - Not yet landed but scheduled - Australis and Metro
    • Both likely to slip.
    • Australis may land but not be uplifted
    • Metro - Touch panning scrolling and zooming is the last major feature to be completed
    • Possible to do a 26 Preview shipped with release desktop version
    • Pushing to have this work included inthe desktop version as well for Fx27
    • New backend of all of our downloading
    • New "middle" for places (bookmarks, history, autocomplete in awesome bar..)

vMake UI async from the backend processes (file IO and such)

    • Password manager updates: Help fill in passwords in places that we currently don't (added password fields added after rendering, causing password manager to not see it)
    • E10S - should start discussion with engineering to see preview of work in progress
    • Sync update - focus on stability improvements with new persona integration
    • Hope to be done this year..? Milestone 1 this year. but not released
    • Click to play for everything (all plugins) but flash is coming soon. - Hidden behind prefs
    • FHR - More reports to be available to the user - plans this year, implementation next.
    • Translation : Biggest requested feature
    • Social API - Adding "social marks" "thumbs up/share/liked" feature
    • AMO policy changes request - forbid installation of add ons through local installers. - Not a done deal.
    • Next year focus on customization and 3rd party integration
  • Knowledge sharing
    • Juan - Metro presentation in QA Staff
  • Issues/Blockers
  • Round Table
    • Metro - Test day - very quite.
    • Metro ship date still being debated
    • Lab space (new building) - Make sure we have VNC server access for remote operation
      • Investigate rack mounted hardware systems with removable drives

Notes Previous Action Items

New Action Items

  • Revisit HW requirements list for new QA lab.