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Desktop QA Meeting 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 99779 (US/INTL) 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 99779 (US) Vidyo Room: QA-Desktop Time of the meeting: 2pm pdt most tuesdays Vidyo: Archive: Attendees


   PTO Matt 9/19-9/20
   PTO Anthony: 9/14-9/16


  • Whats New in Firefox
    • 24beta10 is live - Shipped with a backed out fix for a know topcrasher.
    • It was decided that was better than the system crash bug that was caused by the fix.
    • Will need testing around Bug 914690 - In Firefox 24 and following, mark all versions of Java as unsafe
    • QA load will depend on type of fix that is implemented
    • Metro Firefox: Still evaluating shipping in 26 to get a larger audience. Will not ship to release until 27 or beyond.
  • Knowledge sharing
    • Need a volunteer for QA Staff next month its the 10/2/2013 according to the scedule
  • Issues/Blockers
  • Round Table
    • Alex's proposal for Aurora
    • QAWANTED discussion -- where are we with this?
  • Notes
  • Previous Action Items
    • Revisit HW requirements list for new QA lab.
  • New Action Items
    • Submit Bugzilla requrst to add QAURGENT keyword.
    • Discuss if we can have an informal QA activity for the Summit
      • Talk to marcia and rest of the desktop team for ideas
    • [ashughes] Bugzilla metrics - where did a change land and where was it verified
    • [ashuhges] Ask softvision to do an audit of what work they are doing on which branches