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QA+ Triage Strategy for Bug Verifications

We use this dashboard for triaging the current versions of Firefox:

Mark bugs for verification with the qe-verify flag.

  • qe-verify?: More information is needed for QA to decide on qe+/-
    • if a bug is missing a testcase or steps to reproduce
    • if a bug is hard to understand, too complex
    • Canned Response:
      • qe-verify?: We need more information to verify this bug.
  • qe-verify+: QA needs to verify the fix
    • the test case to verify the fix should be clearly defined
    • Canned Response:
      • qe-verify+: tracking to verify fix (indicate branches needed for verification)
  • qe-verify-: QA can/will/need not verify the fix
    • build config bugs
    • code-cleanup bugs
    • unsupported platforms (ie. OS/2, Solaris, PPC Mac, etc)
    • bugs with the assertion keyword
    • Canned Response:
      • qe-verify-: nothing for QA to verify
  • qe-verify!: QA has done all it can to test this bug
    • verified across all affected branches and platforms
    • made a reasonable effort reaching out to domain experts or bug reporters who, in the absence of clear steps to reproduce or test cases, can verify the bug

(Out of date?)

  • qa^: QA would like higher prioritization on this bug from dev:
    • qa has seen this bug and triaged but the bug has not been dev prioritized
    • QA has seen this bug and dev priority and qa priority does not match due to end user usability issues.
    • This is mostly used for the mobile team, as dev prioritizes the bugs with dev priority using the priority field.

Bug Query Mechanics

You can use the dashboard at


Go to the pushlog page and query for the last 2 weeks worth of bugs depending on how recently you have had a triage session. Then apply the "collect buglinks" bookmarklet to get a list of bugs from the pushlog, and go through those.

  • Jesse's Bookmarklets Page
    • Visit this link and right-click on the fourth bookmarklet item from the top. Add this to your Bookmarks Toolbar.

Go through this list which should contain a list of recently Fixed bugs and apply the criteria above to triage them.

Triage Meetings

Past Meetings