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See: for background on automated testing.

Basic Topology

The basic topology should include two separate machines on separate networks, each with their own NAT. We have some flexibility about which NAT, but for concreteness, I suggest a pair of Apple Airport Express NATs. I.e., the following topology:


The following test series should be run, with one machine on each network with Nightly.


  • Firefox Nightly <-> Firefox Nightly
  • Firefox Nightly <-> Chrome Stable
  • Firefox Nightly <-> Chrome Canary


  • Desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • B2G (Unagi, Peak)
  • Android


Conduct a call for no less than 5 minutes with apprtc resulting in no lag, no freezing, no audio or video delays, no degradation in quality from the previous revision.


Conduct a call for no less than 1 minute using webrtcme resulting in minimal lag and freezing.

WebRTC Landing

Run the WebRTC-Landing tests with no failures.

Known Issues

  • bug 936034 - Sound is distorted on one side on 1:1 call