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Meeting Agenda:

  • Fx3 b3 status (tchung)
    • location bar (stephend)
      • Important a11y changge for Awesome bar landing soon (MarcoZ)
    • places (al, tracy)
    • addons (tchung)
    • OS integration- proto, vista (marcia)
    • security (juanb)
    • core bugs (martijn)
    • offline (marcia)
    • Vista breakpad (marcia)
  • update (ss)
  • 1.9 top crashes update (ss)
  • 2.0->3.0 major update testing update (juanb, tracy, tchung)
  • Webdev update (stephend)
  • Community QA/QMO update - betatesting (jay)
  • Leak testing update (tomcat)
  • Look into MS UI automation for windows (abillings)
  • Testday this week is on Places. Please be available to join the channel.
  • Onsite work week forums
    • Wed Afternoon -- History visits testing w/ Dietrich (marcia)
      • includes all history types -- navigation, download, anything that rolls into the sqlite db.
    • Thursday afternoon at 2pm -- Leak testing and debug builds (tomcat)
      • I think 1 Session is enough
        • Content/Items
        • How to Build a Debug Build
        • Basic Steps to use a Debug Build (Assertions, etc)
        • Leak Testing Steps - How to test something for Leaks
          • Need to know who is interested in this session
    • Accessibility demo/QA, also open for developers, any date suggestions? (MarcoZ)
    • Others?

  • Other topics?