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Meeting Agenda:

  • Firefox update (al)
    • UPDATE - Targeting jan 29th for beta
    • Thunderbird is not scheduled at the moment. (late feb is the plan)
  • AMO update (stephend)
    • No update yet from morgamic, since yesterday's meeting status.
    • Tentative date for release - mid to late february
  • Leaks update (tomcat)
    • Leaks found so far
    • create a page on devmo, on how to test leaks
    • filming of video on how-to test for leaks for the community. This will be done on the onsite (ran by choffman)
  • Betatesters update (jay, marcia)
    • plans to leverage for the branch release
    • what is the plan for beta 3? (jay to work on that)
  • Testday topic this week on Download manager. Please be around to assist. (tomcat)
    • DISCUSSION - Next week, we should focus on Places. Specifically, tagging feature. UI issues still need addressing. Idea is to get people to play with tagging more, but get eyeballs.
      • Need more instruction to users to get people to do more tagging. (eg. converting bookmark folders to tags)
  • inLitmus? Bug Nominations - Getting test cases made for FIXED and VERIFIED bugs before next triage session (marcia)
    • Current query is here:
    • DISCUSSION - be sure to go through your list and create testcases before B3 if possible.
    • Talk to clint to see what areas of content handling are left uncovered (tchung)
  • Moving relevant new test cases from FFTs to BFTs if needed (marcia)
  • Litmus testcase tagging (tracy)
    • UPDATE - coop's design spec here
  • Onsite work week topics for QAE?
    • Leak testing demo including how to setup debug builds (tomcat)
    • UPDATE - demo firing off eggplant runs (tracy)
    • in-litmus triage for team (marcia)

  • Other topics?
  • Which QAE time work for everyone? UPDATE - lets try for 11am again