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Discussion Items

  • QAE Q208 Goals draft 2 (everyone)
    • Finalize this draft, and hand to tim
  • QA Dev Day update (marcia)
    • Memory Leak session during BOF (tomcat)
      • How to use Leak Gauge/How to file Memory Leak Bugs/Test Firefox with your Favorite Extension for Memory Leaks
    • Other OSCON topics?
      • Discussion - no other update on having a testday event there
    • Presenters? Attendees?
      • Discussion - step back, lets scope out the demographics of where can we budget a strategic location for a test event.
      • QA summit this year? moFo would be willing to fund this, but need a proposal.
      • have a future idea on this.
  • Regression, Regression, Regression! (tchung)
    • Ways we can cut down on finding late regressions
    • How can we encourage devs on more careful checkins?
      • Discussion - more tryserver builds, point the developers to these builds, and have them run their patch. How is the communication between devs and qa are checkins? Have a weekly regression report. (eg. breaking spell checker)
      • General rule: developers check in unit tests, test their patch before they check in. This is not a policy currently, but we should say something.
  • Large bookmarks testing (tracy)
    • Email flame sparked a urgency to revisit our large profile testing methods
    • How can we automate this better? (see dietrich's thoughts)
      • Discussion - use our profiles marcia created, start building the profile and history on it. Places team has been testing on 10k bookmark files, BC creating a spidertest with 5k bookmarks. But if community member has a broken profile, he should hand it over.
      • In summary, there hasnt been much complaints and new issues with larger profiles.
  • Discuss nominees for QA community folks to attend summit (suggested by marcia)
    • Discussion - who are top candidates?
      • NSS security guys
      • whimboo
      • ria
      • stevee
      • kurt supernova
      • matti
      • Aleksej
      • smokey artisson
      • Alexander surkov (marco to vouch)
      • Phil ringwalda
      • Coce
      • emily chen
      • vicky

Project Updates

  • Fx update (al)
  • Leak testing update (tomcat)
    • 165 Leak Bugs open
    • 226 Leak Bugs filed overall
    • 55 Assertion Bugs
    • 3 Leak Bugs left as Blocker for the Final Firefox 3 Release
  • Webdev update (stephend)
    • Should be shipping AMO 3.21 4/15/2008
    • redesign is going well (finishing touches/polish/content)
  • Community update (jay)
    • Community Survey Results:
      • Any feedback on blog posts?
      • Anyone want to do anything else with the data?
      • Volunteers for contributor outreach?
    • QMO project
      • Design files *should* be delivered this Friday (meeting with Airbag today for an update)
      • Drupal Development RFP to be completed by tomorrow and will be sending to Raincity Studios for bid (along with a couple of other firms)
    • Team T-shirts and Bags
  • Testday this week on feedback and bugs (tchung) are the topic moderators this week.

Other topics?

  • - german conference 5/7-5/9 (marcoz)
    • mozilla will have a booth there