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Discussion Items

  • QA Dev Day update (marcia)
    • 4-3 update: We are on track for a BOF session at OSCON. As soon as we can sign up online, I will sign us up. In the meantime, we will wait and see if Mary's mini testing session materials. We should be thinking about what kind of session we want to have at OSCON.
    • European Developer Day in June is listed as TBD on the current event calendar. This makes it difficult for us to plan anything for that event.
    • Any other upcoming conferences we should target?
  • Security testing update (marcia)
    • Next session plans with bob Lord?
      • Talk to redhat QA person for test suggestions (marcia)
      • go over security document sent to bc
      • creating a brown bag event out of it for more mozilla team, open discussion (marcia, window) to plan
    • Setting up EV certs on test servers? (marcia) to discuss plan
      • 4/3 Update - marcia talked to robcee, he doesn't have time to help with setting up the cert system detailed here: -> He suggested either filing an IT bug or contacting bob lord for help.

Project Updates

  • Firefox 3 beta 5 update (tchung)
    • RC1 Code freeze 4/8
    • Need all hands on deck for testing rc1
  • Fx update (al)
    • ETA builds tomorrow, try to ship week of apr 11th
  • Leak testing update (tomcat)
    • 6 bugs blocking final
    • 150 bugs filed
  • Webdev update (stephend)
    • Shipped Remora v3.2 on March 27
    • Working on a 3.21, which ships Wednesday, April 9th
    • Working on
  • Community update (jay)
    • Posting "Getting to know the QA Community, Part 3" today, which will have a good big of feedback from volunteers that we all should read and consider as we improve our processes and work with them.
    • Completing QMO Drupal Dev RFP and sending out to a few firms so we can start bidding process on Phase 2 of the redesign project.
    • Should have final deliverable from Airbag this week (all HTML/CSS files for visual design), will blog about redesign on Friday if I have the final files hosted somewhere for viewing.
  • Testday this week on password manager (Juanb) are the topic moderators this week.

Other topics?