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Discussion Items

  • QA Dev Day update (marcia)
    • Please see wiki page for latest information.
  • QA onsite work week? (tchung)
    • Firefox 3 rc2 focused
    • Timeframe would be may 19-23.
      • UPDATE - Seems like travel and timing is tough for most. Instead, lets block of some time and get into irc channel and test away for a few hours. rc1 and rc2 timeframe (tchung) to plan.
  • Large bookmarks testing (tracy)
    • Any update from discussion from last time? (tracy to follow up) We should have profiles ready by rc1.
      • UPDATE - bc forgot, will create one soon. Testing on larger profiles for FFTs (tracy).
    • PAST DISCUSSION - Email flame sparked a urgency to revisit our large profile testing methods
    • How can we automate this better? (see dietrich's thoughts)
      • use our profiles marcia created, start building the profile and history on it. Places team has been testing on 10k bookmark files, BC creating a spidertest with 5k bookmarks. But if community member has a broken profile, he should hand it over.
  • QA community folks summit update? (timr)
    • Who made the cut?

Project Updates

  • Tb update (al)
    • Entering beta soon, targeting next thursday to ship.
  • Leak testing update (tomcat)
    • 243 Leak Bugs filed
    • 176 Bugs still open - no 1.9 blocker right now
    • Filed a Bug to get the Leak Gauge Log Upload into AMO
  • Webdev update (stephend)
    • is in semi-public beta
    • Working on AMO 3.4.1
      • Plan to push Thursday, May 1st
    • Working on an internal marketing campaign
      • Done with QA by May 7th
  • Community update (jay)
    • QMO templates are up, if you haven't checked them out, they are at (user: "qmo", pw: "t3st")
    • Drupal dev bidding underway, deadline for proposals is Friday, May 2 (at which time we can decide whether we will work with Raincity, Achieve Internet, or Marek)
    • Mozilla QA t-shirts and bags survey! Help me decide on designs by voting here:
    • betatesters@ feedback and final Firefox 3 RC push... how do we want to use this resource? Let's plan the end game together so we can get the most out of our community.

Other topics?