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Happy May Day! (aka International Workers' Day, aka Labour Day)

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Discussion Items

  • QA Dev Day update (marcia)
    • Memory Leak session during BOF proposal (tomcat)
      • How to use Leak Gauge/How to file Memory Leak Bugs/Test Firefox with your Favorite Extension for Memory Leaks
    • Other [ OSCON topics
      • Mini Test Event at OSCON [marcia]
        • LAST WEEK: Mary Colvig still does not have this solidified. If we can get the mini-dev room at OSCON I think we should have a test discussion/event there.
      • European Developer Day [marcia/clint]
        • LAST WEEK: Still waiting word on when it will be in June. As Firefox schedule segues into June, makes planning this much more difficult. At this point it might be better to move the event to the fall.
        • Most likely a test execution / automation discussion conference.
      • Seneca test day [ctalbert]
        • LAST WEEK: Test development workshop. Targeting those already in the work (sayrer, shaver, bc, martijn). Get seneca film school involved, reuse artifacts for teaching. How you can get involved with mozilla type of theme.
        • Slated for the fall quarter.
  • Number of High regression count (marcia, tomcat)
    • what are the big ones? Library flicker
    • Is there a pattern? Narrow down by areas
      • Places seems to be suffering from the most regressions in the past 3 days [marcia]
    • What action do we want devs to take?
      • Discussion - download manager been crashing, regression. subscription to rss feed was broken, regression.
      • What to do? we been running random tests; running a smaller subset of tests in BFTs in specific areas like places. Keep tabs on what's landing, what areas are being unit tested. Keep up with bugs and checkins. And keep the devs reminded that you're here to help.
  • QA Bug Bash day (tchung)
    • Meant to slot a few hours for people to catch up on Fx3 back work
      • Scheduled for wed, may 7th, 1-5pm PDT
  • Adding a KeyHandling litmus test suite (tomcat, marcia, tchung)
    • eg. bug 429510, bug 35963, bug 429180
    • See the platform keyhell wiki.
      • Discussion - case by case basis. some of these bugs are l10n team related. others could be platform specific like mac. (marcia to bring this up at next l10n meeting)
  • I'd like to add a "Library" subgroup to Litmus. The Bookmarks and History subgroups will address the Browser UI and related sidebar test cases. The Library subgroup will address all the functionality there. There will be overlap to be sorted out, but this will help reduce bloat in the Bookmarks subgroup. I'm about to add 40-50 test cases for the various editing modes. Most of which aren't really about Bookmarking, but are management/organizational test cases that don't really belong in Bookmarks. [Tracy]

Project Updates

  • Firefox 3 (tchung)
  • Tb update (al)
    • going live thursday. Targeting 1:30pm?
  • Leak testing update (tomcat)
    • Started Places Regression/Leak FFT Testing, because of new places leaks
      • 189 open Leak Bugs -> 256 Leak Bugs filed so far
      • 62 Assertion Bugs
      • 36 Bugs for JS Errors/Exceptions caused by Extensions
  • Community update (jay)
    • Reviewing Drupal dev bids now, will be selecting firm for QMO work next week.
    • Team/community t-shirt and bags being ordered soon, hope to get them by end of May)
    • Preparing "betatesters" survey that I'll send out next week to collect some info from that group of community members and find out what they have helped with during our various Firefox 3 betas.
  • Testday this week on Places (tracy) is the topic moderators this week.
    • Moderator rotation list
      • 7am-11am (Coop / Martijn) does coop belong in this rotation anymore?
      • 11am-1pm (overlapping testers)
      • 1pm-5pm (juanb/stephend)

Other topics?

  • Interns this summer
    • hashem, mentored by Al. Will work on Test Execution work
    • Paul, mentored by Jay. Will work on QMO work
    • Megan, mentored by Clint. Will work on Test automation
  • Setup a EV test server
    • IT setup server, Juanb setup the app
    • Marcia to follow up with Bob lord to figure out final requirements
      • Possibly a security testing summit?
  • need a litmus server to throw permanent testcases against it (Stephend / Coop to figure out specs)
    • Need some static tests for storage
    • Eggplant tests need to be ran here also. currently running off bc's box
    • We need another machine? Figure out source code control.