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Congratulations to President (Elect) Obama!


Discussion Items

  • Testday and community outreach process (marcia, tracy)
    • Revamping testdays to once a month?
    • Discussion - create a test week for feature testing, and end with a testday
    • Track volunteers and issue rewards
    • Engage testers for a whole week of testing. Get people to try and do stuff on their own time.
    • Private Browsing, Ctrl Tab, Fennec Builds
    • Target the first week of December for PB (marcia). meanwhile lets have a beta 2 testday next friday.
  • QA/Support Team issues wiki page (tchung)
    • Use this section to enter top issues found in your nightly testing
    • Reported updates to Cww
    • Should we create one similar for branch releases? Discussion - doesnt make much sense, since security testing is more about figuring out what needs to be fixed or not.
      • Discover ways to get support with more release testing? We in turn could help with live chat?
  • QMO2 Update (jay, timr)
    • Rollback to old QMO
    • Discussion - late november would be back on track
    • Next steps, triage the issues found first. Finish this by friday
    • Jay will talk to contract agency and get them to fix P1 bugs
    • Fix all issues by 11/21, review the changes, and then repush

Project Updates

  • Firefox (abillings)
    • We are now in beta. Will target live on 11/12
    • / 3.0.5 - beta 12/9, ship 12/16
  • Thunderbird (abillings)
    • Builds next week, most bugs already verified
    • ship 12/19
  • Webdev update (stephend)
    • AMO 3.0.4
      • Code freeze on Nov. 10, shipping the 13th
    • SUMO 0.7.2
      • Code freeze on Nov. 7, shipping the 14th
    • Community Store
      • In progress, waiting on template/form work before beginning testing
  • Mobile update (joelm)
    • Mobile dev is focused on performance and Windows Mobile
    • Process started for adding mochitests to buildbot on Nokia device
    • Investigating rest of automation that buildbot runs to include
    • Initial test plan development for Alpha 2 release
    • Acquiring devices for Windows Mobile testing
  • Accessibility update (MarcoZ)

Other topics?