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Discussion Items

  • QAE 2009 Story (tchung, timr)
    • QAE/Testdev to create individual story
    • 2008's Story
      • Ideas?
        • More implementation of test coverage with mozmill and mochitests
        • Increasing QA coverage to mobile, web, leaks
          • Reason for this is to ship quality mozilla products, be better, suck less.
        • Shorter security release cycles
          • ss says: This isn't really part of the QA "story". It's a company-wide goal. i.e., QA isn't the drivers of this.
          • good point. this should be more a statement that we have inclusive testing coverage on maintenance releases. Shorter time on cycles, more time to flush out regressions, quicker turnaround.
        • Revamping community outreach (new qmo, more documentation, having better how-to get involved steps and projects available). QA companion needs to be called out and roll into getting started.
        • Others ideas?
          • Broader community involvement with various products. We tend to focus on firefox only, but perhaps reach out to mobile.
          • Community involvement with accessibility on mobile [marcoz]
          • Process of automating security releases. Should sit down and discuss and revisit existing testcases (is this more a goal instead of a story?) Aspirational side of it is reducing work for security releases.
          • QA Support of Rapid response team / Mozilla Support team
          • Creating a feedback loop for security releases. There currently isnt anyway to find out what people think about security releases. Idea is to channel feedback into one place, highly searchable for a given release. Better communication with customers, security.
  • QA Q4 Work Week (tchung)
    • Added Calendar view
    • Any interest in a Firefox 3.1 features brownbag? Yes
    • Other agendas to add?
      • QAE goals planning session
      • QA TestDev planning session
  • QMO2 Update (jay)
    • Devs began working on it this week, prepare to test it out on authstage next week
    • Ship ETA: first week of Dec

Project Updates

  • Firefox (abillings)
    • Code freeze was two days ago
    • Slush is yummy
    • Still taking patches for five blockers (and only those five)
    • Aiming for release in mid December after long QA period
  • Thunderbird (abillings)
    • Shipping today
  • -> 3.0.4 Major update (abillings)
    • Ship ETA 12/2
    • Note: JuanB vacation from 11/20 to 12/2
  • Webdev update (stephend)
    • Shipped Fashion Your Firefox
      • Well-received by the press
    • AMO 4.0.4 -- code freeze Dec. 8th
    • SUMO
      • 0.7.3
        • Freeze Tuesday 25th November
        • Push Tuesday 2nd December
      • 0.8
        • Freeze Tuesday 9th December
        • Push Tuesday 16th December
    • Community Store
      • On track to ship Dec. 2
  • Mobile update (joelm)
    • Litmus smoketests/BFT's ready
    • Continued work on [porting automation
    • Dev team: getting windows build stable, lots of performance enhancements
  • Accessibility update (MarcoZ)
    • Tested 3.1 features in recent nightly builds and found no accessibility features with Private Browsing, and the new CtrlTab switcher is turned off for most screen readers by default on Windows.
      • The NVDA developers have an interest in getting CtrlTab work with the NVDA screen reader, they're working with Dao on that. I'll test patches etc. once they become available.
    • Something majorly broke some of the Mochitests on mozilla-central. I've been working with Lukas to find out what caused this, but no clue yet. It looks like all .xul files running for a11y are affected while HTML files are aparently fine. I temporarily disabled all .xul files to get the ball rolling again, and we'll deal with the failures in bug 465755.
      • Once boxes go green, Lukas will move mozilla-central a11y mochitests to production. Yay!

Litmus results cleanup: (tracy)

  • 3.1 Start Up - Failed/Unclear (19) (tracy)
  • 3.1 Menu Bar - Failed/Unclear (10) (timr)
  • 3.1 Toolbar Customization - Failed/Unclear (9) (tchung)
  • 3.1 Tabbed Browsing - Failed/Unclear (18) (marcia)