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Discussion Items

  • Spreadsheet for tracking MozMill test coverage (henrik)
    • 3 tests in progress by henrik, 2 are waiting for review
  • QA Q109 Workweek (marcia) 2/17-2/20
    • What sessions would QAE be interested in?
      • Session on fennec update (jmaher)
      • Brainstorming session on how to build community? (marcia)
      • General overview of web testing, selenium (stephend)
      • Testdev team update? Testcase repository? Litmus redesign proposal (talk to ctalbert)
      • Project metrics/Code Coverage (murali)
      • Rating of security bugs (brown bag with lucas/dan, tim to follow up)
    • Meetup 2/18 (marcia)
      • Agenda topics? Lightning talk signups?
      • discussion - looking for feedback from those that contacted marcia through meetup. Find out what topics people would like to hear about. Talk about intro to mozilla qa (marcia).
      • If anyone has affiliations with other testing groups, evangelize and link back to the QMO post.
  • QMO stuff (marcia)
    • B3 nightly testweek
      • discussion - not much feedback so far about the testweek. Getting people to log in to #testday throughout the week.
    • Style Guide/Community Leads
      • It has become clear that we need to both have a process for promoting people to Community Leads as well as some control over people adding content. Today I noticed that someone had added "It's okay we don't bite" to the Community FAQ - I edited that content out, but we can't just let people add content willy nilly. There needs to be some sort of review process. One thing that Tomcat mentioned is to have people create bugs and then have a QA team member review + the document just like a patch.
      • discussion - should have a vetting process for community members who want admin access. (marcia) and (tomcat) to work on a guide to demonstrate they are behaving properly.
      • discussion - for content issues, should we review what content is posted before allowing it on QMO? (marcia) and (tomcat) to work on a policy guide.
  • Testweek Rotation - Each QA member to sign up
    • discussion - slot in each member into the rotation, and have them be responsible for moderating/organizing the week. Ask for additional help when needed for that week. Testdev team should also be on the loop.
  • Localizers survey and how it affects mozQA (timr)
    • discussion - broad, first pass on how to get l10n teams to be testing their locales better. Third party multilingual QA services are helping out. Doesnt affect mozQA daily activities, but we should look over what areas we can give any QA input to, regarding the survey.

Project Updates

  • Firefox 3.0.6/3.0.7 (abillings)
    • 3.0.6 Testplan
    • Shipped 3.0.6 to beta channel on 1/27.
    • Final release for 3.0.6 on 2/3 (instead of 2/4).
  • Firefox 3.1 (tchung)
    • Beta 3 Testplan
      • Builds hand to QA - This week?
      • QA test signoff - +5 days
    • Tracking Status page
      • Update testing progress percentages
    • Juanb to lead Fx3.2 efforts!
  • 3.0 -> 3.1b3 major update trial run (abillings)
    • Test Plan is available
    • Dates are undetermined because of slipping 3.1 schedule.
  • Webdev update (stephend)
    • AMO
      • Pushing AMO 5.0.1 tomorrow night (29th)
      • AMO 5.0.2 freezes Feb. 13, ships Feb. 19
    • SUMO 0.8.2
      • Freezing Jan. 29, ships Feb. 3
    • Spread Firefox redesign
    • Tools:
      • I am evaluating and asking the security team to help me evaluate the Acunetix free web-scanner tool (does XSS checking) -- it'd be a nice way for me to quickly and accurately test new and existing web sites
  • Mobile update (jmaher)
    • Test Plan mostly done
    • Windows Mobile alpha1 targeted next week
    • Need litmus test cases
    • great progress on unittest automation
  • Litmus results cleanup project (tracy)
    • We reached Zero Unvetted Failed results and Zero Unvetted Unclear results for the 3.1 branch.
      • 277 failed or unclear 3.1 results vetted since early Dec, 2008.
    • I've been reviewing and vetting incoming results every day or two.
  • Accessibility update (MarcoZ)
    • Went through fixed1.9.1 and cleared them out through verification.
      • A few blockers we need to take care of for 3.1.
    • Nominated 2 patches for 3.0.7 so far.
    • Continuing different types of enhancement/cleanup work on 3.2a1pre nightlies in both code and Mochitests.

Other topics?