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Discussion Items

  • Rehash Q109 Goals (tchung) Last time here, i promise!
  • Spreadsheet for tracking MozMill test coverage (henrik)
  • Places testweek (tracy)
    • Do we need to add a general testweek forum? Event created already is a forum
  • QMO discussion re: events
    • Earlier this week there was some discussion of what events should be going up on the Event calendar. Currently there are ongoing test events but things are getting a bit crowded with Tbird events as well.
      • Should there be a separate calendar for tracking releases and estimated release dates?
      • Is there a way to call out ongoing testing that is needed versus having it show daily as an item on the calendar (3.1 testing)
      • discussion - (tracy) to create a bug on adding a separate releases calendar vs. Events calendar. Also start a discussion thread on mozqa
  • Lab ownership. (marcia) Check out the list to see what's left before the move
  • Submit personal reviews to your manager by this friday, 1/16 (tchung)

Project Updates

  • Firefox 3.0.6 (abillings)
  • Firefox 3.1 (tchung)
    • Beta 3 Testplan is up
      • Please sign up for areas
      • New area to include, testing pave-over installs
      • Builds hand to QA - 1/27
      • QA test signoff - 2/5
    • Tracking Status page
      • Update testing progress percentages
  • 3.0 -> 3.1b3 major update trial run (abillings)
    • Need a testplan?
    • This will happen sometime mid-late January
    • (Abillings) to ping joduinn on a date to start
  • Webdev update (stephend)
    • AMO
      • AMO 5.0.1 - January 26 freeze / January 29 push
    • SUMO
      • SUMO 0.8.1 - Shooting for a push next week, once we get the XSS bugs landed and the final load-testing of search done
    • Spread Firefox "redesign" (a couple of pages)
      • Timeline here - Feb. 4th QA starts / Shipping March 4th (tentative)
    • Other projects on which I'm starting work:
  • Mobile update (jmaher)
    • Alpha 2 shipped last year
    • Targeting Beta1 by end of February for Maemo
    • Targeting Alpha1 by end of February for Windows Mobile
    • Symbian is on the roadmap, but don't expect a release anytime soon
    • Automation is fully [documented]
    • In the near future flush out [test plan], ramp up on Windows Mobile testing, work on [maemkit]
  • Litmus results cleanup project (tracy)
    • When we started to really dig into this project in December we had 250 unvetted 3.1 failed/unclear results. The team, Aakash and I have reduced that to under 50 unvetted 3.1 results while keeping up with incoming results. I'm working to hit zero unvetted 3.1 results by the end of this week.
  • Accessibility update (MarcoZ)
    • One recent regression documented in bug 472326, caused by bug 471356. Affects both 3.2a1pre nightlies and 3.1b3pre builds. User visible problem: Screen reader usrs using JAWS for Windows cannot see any upload file inputs on any web page. There is no access to the Browse... button. We're on top of the issue.
    • Manually testing various areas to make sure there are no other regressions creeping in.
    • Helping David Bolter, new a11y platform engineer, to settle in and get his first bugfixes done. Educating him on writing Mochitests for his patches.

Other topics?