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Discussion Items

  • How are you measuring Quality?
    • Clint/Juan's post
    • Questions to ponder:
      • Discuss measurable goals within your own project of "quality"
      • Supporting multiple releases is unevitable. What an we tweak to ease this transition?
      • What would extra resources on your project do for you?
        • Discussion
        • Project leaders to come up with a list of things working/not working
        • What can be done to improve it?
        • Take the list and how can we create a release criteria
        • Look into a tool for Mining data through hendrix, trending on common words
        • This will help with QA prioritization of projects
        • We are looking for a measurement to assess quality of your projects, then we can collaborate into a common document
  • Remote access to Lab Machines (marcia, raymond)
    • update?
  • Crash Kill QA Page
    • will be tomorrow sorted for releases for less confusion ;) - Tomcat

Project Updates

  • Firefox 3.0x, 3.5x (abillings)
    • We are waiting for last checkin for 1.9.1 (a week late but a regression was found).
    • Last 1.9.0 checkins are in.
    • First builds for 1.9.1 and 1.9.0 on 11/30. Bug verification until then.
  • Firefox to 3.0.15 MU
    • Build made bits without warning last Wednesday.
    • Al is roughly halfway through MU testing with Rich Profiles.
  • Firefox 3.6 (juanb)
    • Beta3 signoff
    • Scheduling for RC coming soon. Resources will be required. High priority.
  • Tegra (marcia)
    • Tested Firefox 3.6 B3. Results on wiki
    • Continued testing of nightly builds
    • Still many issues with Flash not playing on various sites
  • Fennec (aakashd)
    • Next Fennec-related Testday will be on 12/4 on Weave Beta
    • Began planning for fennec quality in 2010
      • Planning on adding a bunch of components within Fennec Product (nothing finite as of yet) for Bugzilla
    • String Guide for localizers on Litmus
    • Dougt mentioned spec testing for geolocation for Opera
  • Weave Sync (tracy)
    • Weave 1.0b1 released
    • creating test cases for Litmus
    • Weave testday scheduled for Dec. 4th
  • Mozmill Testcase automation (henrik)
    • Mozmill 1.3 has been released yesterday (blog post to come by tomorrow)
    • Software update tests have been finished (blog post)
    • Current Status Spreadsheet:
      • Smoketests: Blocked (9), Assigned (1), Fixed (23 - 68%), Not Doable (3 - 8%)
      • BFT: Blocked (11), Assigned (14), Fixed (69 - 32%)[+3], Not Doable (26) => Target Q4 (~105)
      • FFT: Blocked (12), Assigned (15), Fixed (80)
  • QMO & Community (marcia, aakashd)
    • Testdays
    • Meetups
      • No meetup this month, will resume in December.
      • Have ideas for two upcoming meetups: Weave and Mobile
  • Accessibility (marcoz)
    • Still fighting top crashers as in bug 525579. That bug is fixed in principal, but had a few logic errors that needed folllow-up bug 529442 which we're dealing with now.
    • Also tracking and fixing other bug reports that were harvested from the new analysis tools. These are a huge help!
  • QA Metrics ( Murali )
    • Gap analysis report is almost ready.
      • New report includes codecov% from Linux,Mac , Reg bugs, Sec bugs, Gen bugs and patchsets for each file.

Round Table

Individuals' ideas of what is and what isn't working as well as ideas on how to improve.

We'll summarize these and discuss at the next meeting.

  1. aakash
  2. abillings
  3. juanb
  4. henrik
  5. marcia
  6. tchung
  7. timr
  8. tracy
  9. et al