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Discussion Items

  • Welcome Matt and Anthony!
  • Firefox 3.6 QA post mortem (juan)
    • Notes: Postmortem discussion tomorrow at 11am meeting.
    • Will defer thoughts until after the postmortem
  • Revisiting FFT level tests (juan)
    • Feedback says some of these tests are not the best use of time, functionality. Approach to reaccessing them for
    • discussion tests are outdated, and some are already automated. We have not found regressions on them in awhile. Firefox team gets frustrated.
    • Suggest taking existing tests, and revise them.
    • Start with focus on one area. Easy to question the P1 areas, but what about the P2 and P3s?
    • Question: what do we want out of the FFT level testcases?
    • Continue using the QA ownership list found here.
  • Mozmill lab update (henrik)
    • Mac Mini with OS X 10.5 and 10.6 as host system
    • Ubuntu 9.10, Win2000, WinXP, WinVista, and Win7 as guests
    • Daily Mozmill test-runs on OS X, Ubuntu, and WinXP (bug 537840)
      • Cover Namoroka and Shiretoko
      • Software update tests (nightly channel), normal tests, and restart tests
      • Reporting to brasstacks
    • Todos
      • Fix smaller issues with Mozmill to send as much as possible test information
      • Update software update tests to report all results and the build info
      • Rework all design views for the Mozmill Couchdb database
  • bugday discussion (tracy)
    • ETA on start? Thursday Feb 4th
    • Last week's notes:
    • Alternate every other friday with testdays? or move to another day?
    • discussion: not a large event like triaging every time, but place with good documentation, a list of tasks, and a lot of hands off work
    • Be more active in the channel, doling out bugs, and getting people to work on them for the day
    • Shoot for thursdays this quarter. Pending when Tracy is ready.
  • QA Work week
    • March 1-5

Project Updates

  • Firefox 3.0.18, 3.5.8 (abillings)
  • Firefox 3.6, (juanb)
    • Planning has started for feature analysis. See Firefox features here.
    • 3.0.x ->3.6 Major update?
    • Planning for testing on "majortest" channel early next week. RelEng awaits outcome

  • Labs (Weave/Test Pilot) (tracy)
    • Weave rc4 is out - lots of good feedback about previous problems no longer occurring
    • Tentative Test Pilot test plan is up. Will discuss and adjust it as needed during the next Test Pilot status meeting (todays meeting was postponed)
  • Mozmill Testcase automation (henrik)
    • Mozmill 1.4 has been released
    • Overall Status (spreadsheet
    • Detailed Status:
      • Smoketests: Blocked (9), Assigned (1), Fixed (23 - 68%), Not Doable (3 - 8%)
      • BFT: Blocked (17), Assigned (13), Fixed (77 - 31%)[+0], Not Doable (26) => Target Q1 (~110)
      • FFT: Blocked (12), Assigned (12), Fixed (83)
    • Most of the API work has been landed. Ongoing work with Anthony for Session Restore subgroup
  • Accessibility (marcoz)
    • update?

Round Table