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Find Us
IRC: #mozwebqa
Mailing list: mozwebqa@mozilla.org
Twitter: @mozwebqa
Links: Blog, Media

Web QA Team Mission

Our mission is to provide data, services and tools to positively impact the quality of Mozilla websites.


We provide data to help make better quality decisions. This includes performance and reliability metrics, test results and bug reports.


We provide a range of services from long term commitments to one time engagements, such as:

test coverage automation test automation CI community events
test plans testing recommendations functional UI testing user advocacy
site monitoring load testing security testing accessibility testing
manual/ exploratory testing community engagement/onboarding integration testing performance testing


We develop and contribute to open source tools, such as:


Project Testing Jenkins Status
Add-ons automationregression testingmanual testingtest plan Automation
CI Active
Marketplaceautomationregression testingmanual testingtest plan Firefox OS Automation
CI Active
Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) automationtest planfeature testingcommunity engagementload testingrisk assessmentL10Nregression testing Automation N/A Active
Mozilla.orgautomationtest planfeature testingcommunity engagementload testingrisk assessmentL10Nregression testingfunctional UI testingaccessibility Automation CI Active
Mozilliansautomation Automation
CI Active
MozTrapautomation Automation
CI Active
QMO feature testing Automation N/A Active
One and Done automationtest planfeature testingcommunity engagementregression testingrisk assessmentmanual testingfunctional UI testing Automation
Open Features and bugs
CI Active
Socorroautomation Automation CI Active
SUMOautomation Automation
CI Active
Treeherderautomation Automation CI Active

Team Goals

Check out our Team Goals to see what we're working on.

Need something tested?

  • Email rbillings or stephend at mozilla.com with requests or questions. Sooner is better than later!
  • File a bug in Bugzilla under Testing/Web QA components. Assign it to mozwebqa@mozilla.org.
  • How to get a project in automation

Get Involved

We'd love to have your help in testing our many projects! Are you looking for a way to contribute?

A Few Minutes An hour Committed
One and Done tasks Start Manual Testing Start Automation Testing
Read about our contributors. Earn Web QA Badges Open GitHub Issues
Team QMO page on how to Get Started Participate in a QA Testday
Join our mailing list Click to join our #mozwebqa IRC channel


Our community contributors are great!

Team Meetings

Please see our public calendar for all upcoming events and meetings.

Our regular team meeting occurs every Thursday @ 9am Pacific


Team Members

Name Email Status Region Areas
Rebecca Billings rbillings@mozilla.com Employee North America One and Done PM, Brand projects, Mozilla.com, Treeherder, +automation
Matt Brandt mbrandt@mozilla.com Employee North America Socorro, Affiliates, Mozillians, Firefox Health Report, Plugin Check, Bouncer, +automation
Stephen Donner stephend@mozilla.com Employee North America Selenium Grid/Jenkins, Security + Infra liason/coordination, automation (mostly reviews, for now)
Dave Hunt dhunt@mozilla.com Employee Europe Automation
Stuart Philp sphilp@mozilla.com Employee North America Web QA / Cloud Services Manager
Krupa Raj kraj@mozilla.com Employee North America AMO/Mozilla Marketplace lead


Documents and Templates

Support levels Automation tools and Evaluations A list of Tools and Resources
Test plan template Project Checklist Website Processes
Creating Badges Helpful email replies Continuous Deployment
Windows/IE Virtual Machines

Team Information

Website credentials
New Hires
Upcoming PTO