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If you are working with a Fork of one of repositories, please follow the steps below as it makes processing GitHub Pull Requests easier.

  1. git branch some-new-test-branch
  2. git add
  3. git commit -m 'You need this amazing-ness'
  4. git push origin some-new-test-branch

Then do the Github pull request as you have already.

Then once the pull request has been completed do

  • git merge some-new-test

This merges in your changes to your local master

When done and you want to delete the remote branch do

  • git push origin :some-new-test

That deletes the remote copy in your Github.

Tagging of Projects

Whenever a new version of the site you are working on is released please tag at the same time as the main site. This means that if we need to roll back to a specific version its easy to checkout to that point.

To tag do the following

  1. git tag VersionOfProject
  2. git push --tags