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How to get started with badges

  • Think of a badge
    • Each badge needs specific criteria for badge work, so users can easily prove eligibility
    • Read up on badge design- ideally it will challenge a user to level up & participate more, be fun, refer to what other teams have done
  • Get a badge design
  • Create a Badges account
    • Consider creating a team account instead of a personal account
      • Difficult to use LDAP account with Persona because of password changes
      • Consider using Gmail, or other non-Mozilla account
    • Create a Mozillians account with new email address
    • Vouch the Mozillians account
    • Log into Badges with vouched Mozillians account to create team account - vouched Mozillians should immediately be able to create a badge
  • Create a badge
    • Add title, image file, description, tags
    • Anyone is able to submit nominations by logging in to and adding an email on the badge page
    • Nominations arrive via email, able to approve/reject inside Badges account