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Config-file documentation

We have 3 configuration files that we use in our automation test cases:

  1. configurationAMO
  2. TCParameters (previously browserConfig)
  3. GridConnection

This file is not available on SVN for viewing. It contains tuples/associative arrays of the following:

1. Different user types such as admin user, non-admin user, a user with developer rights, a user with certain   addons etc.

A sample user array looks like non_adm = {'login':'', 'pwd':'somepassword', 'fname':'John', 'nick':'john_non_adm'}.

So, if you want to acces the user array from then the code would look like:

user = self.objConfigAMO.getUserInfo(userType)

and in your test case it would look like:

self.objAMOfunc.login('userNonAdm' sel)

2. Different add-ons. If you want to use a specific add-on then it should be added to the addons array in this file.

Note: It is recommended not to use a specific add-on unless necessary. Currently, our tests picks a random add-on from the home-page if you call the function getRandomAddonVersion2(appName, sel)


TCParameters has variables defined with values that are required to run a test case. The module has multiple classes which defines parameters for different test suites: Smoke tests, Basic Functional Tests and Full Functional Tests.

Some of the variables defined here are:

  • limits for processing loops
    • maxCategories = 3   i.e. maximum number of categories checked in test case
    • maxItemsPerPage = 10   i.e. maximum number of items (ex: personas, add-ons) checked per page
  • list sort and filter options
    • AMOhomePageSortOptions = ['recommended', 'popular', 'added', 'updated']
    • personasBrowsePageSortOptions = ['up-and-coming', 'created', 'popular']

Depending on the kind of test suite, the values will differ. For e.g. maxCategories = 1 (for Smoke Test Suite); maxCategories = 3 (for BFT Suite); maxCategories = 99 (for FFT);


This file defines Selenium Grid server variables which almost never changes. It defines the environment names (browser & OS) we have on Grid setup.