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Web QA Q1 2016 Goals

Team Goals and Themes

  1. Move our test-automation code into each project’s main-development repository to enable faster feedback and visibility for developers
  2. Prototyping the future with new tools, skills, processes

Individual Goals


  1. Transition Marketplace QA to the Firefox QA team based in Taipei.


  1. [DONE] Investigate using react.js for implementing task listing and searching features in One and Done
  2. [DONE] Move all of the functional Selenium WebDriver tests for One and Done into the application repository.


  1. [DONE] Regain Python/test-automation skills, in an effort to also help the team with reviews, in the short-term. Run our supported test-automation projects and submit pull requests for out-of-date requirements/dependencies, as a demonstration/application.


  1. [DONE] Complete transition of Bedrock automated tests from Web QA ownership
  2. [DONE] (unofficially) Move sumo-tests to kitsune repository


  1. Increase Python skills.
  2. Support deliverables, content redesign


  1. [ON TRACK] Move bouncer-tests into the dev repo - waiting for PR review, once merged bouncer-tests will transition to closed.
  2. [ON TRACK] Investigate the practicality of moving One and Done off of Heroku to AWS - Artifacts in draft-mode as a blog post.

Open-ended Questions for Q2

  1. How can we increase community contribution?
  2. How can we improve GitHub issue and review discovery?