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Web QA Q3 2016 Goals

Discussion Etherpad here:

Team Goals and Themes

Previous Themes

  1. Move our test-automation code into each project’s main-development repository to enable faster feedback and visibility for developers
  2. Prototyping the future with new tools, skills, processes
  3. Improve consistency and stability of automated tests
  4. Reduce dependency on buildmaster role

New Themes

Individual Goals



  • Deliverables:
    • Expand the scope and reach/utility of my Docker/OWASP-ZAP-CLI instance, by actively involving (and making available for extensive use) the following teams:
      • Engagement Engineering
      • Enterprise Information Security
      • Cloud Services Operations (including Sec + Dev)

And, as a key part of that, fully document and ensure teams have access to/configs for both the underlying service and help keep a list of bugs/issues/requests for making the service more useful to their needs (and directly address/fix, when possible).


  • Deliverables:
    • Mentor Justin Potts through his intern project contributing to add-ons automation
    • Mentor Ana Ribeiro through her Outreachy project enhancing pytest-html plugin
    • Write a blog post about my experience and lessens learned being a mentor
  • Stretch/additional:
    • Determine issues preventing us switching browser automation tests from FirefoxDriver to Marionette
    • Provide official Selenium docker images with support for Marionette
    • Switch Selenium python client tests from unittest/pytest to pure pytest/tox


  • Deliverables
    • Add Firefox Accounts sign on method to One and Done
    • Shavar testing: all e2e-tests, add to Test Rails
    • Blok Add-on testing
  • Stretch goals
    • Move Treeherder-tests into Treeherder repo


Open-ended Questions for Q3