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These instructions assume you have VMWare Fusion running on OS X.

  1. Load
  2. Click on "Virtual Machines"
  3. Choose the image you want
  4. Choose "VMWare" as the platform
  5. Click on the "" button
  6. You can either save it or choose to Open With (Archive Utility) - or your archive program of choice. I'll use Open With.
  7. Click "OK" and let Firefox download the large file
  8. Once Archive Utility has downloaded the file, it'll auto-expand it into 3 files:
    1. filename.vmdk
    3. filename.ovf
  9. Launch VMWare Fusion
  10. Choose "File" and then "New..."
  11. Choose "Import an Existing Virtual Machine"
  12. Click Continue
  13. Click on the "Choose File..." button
  14. Now, find and choose the filename.ovf file that Archive Utility has extracted
  15. Click "Open"
  16. Click "Continue"
  17. You should hopefully see a "Save As..." dialog, with the virtual machine's image name (not the file name), prefilled
  18. You should also hopefully see a default location for "Where" of "virtual machines"
  19. Click "Save"
  20. Wait for the long import process to complete
  21. Again, here I've just accepted the defaults. Close that dialog.
  22. Now, choose "Virtual Machine" and "Start Up"
  23. You should see a Summary screen, with the ability to "Customize Settings"- so far, I've always just clicked "Finish"
  24. Windows will boot up
  25. Both VMWare Tools and Windows will/might prompt you to do updates/restart - go ahead and do so
  26. Now, choose "Virtual Machine" and "Shut Down"
  27. Now, do "Virtual Machine" and "Settings"
  28. At the top right, click on "Add Device.."
  29. Choose "Network Adapter" and click "Add..."
  30. Accept the defaults, and close that dialog
  31. Now, choose "Virtual Machine" and "Start Up"
  32. At this point, networking - through your host machine -- out to the Web should be working!