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Bugs in dev's queue

  • 540645 Reviewer should not be allowed to rate the helpfulness of their own reviews
  • 540652 Logging in to review a Jetpack loads the jetpack detail page
  • 540699 Install button is disabled when Javascript is disabled;unable to install unreviewed jetpacks
  • 540723 Consider adding Jetpack install /Submit a Jetpack buttons on the review page
  • 540951 Jetpack reviews should be paginated
  • 541241 Jetpack experience is not user-friendly
  • 541533 Untitled reviews not listed in user's profile page
  • 521864 [website]:Search fails if contributor name includes numerals or underscores
  • 540943 Thumbs up rating is chosen by default if a user doesn't rate while adding a jetpack

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Bugs in QA's queue

  • 528224 [gallery] HTML entities encoded in View Source Code pages
  • 528994 [gallery] Put the jetpack name in the review notification subject
  • 529337 Titleless reviews on homepage of Jetpack Gallery look awkward
  • 535311 Make page titles more friendly, since they become the names of jetpacks
  • 536337 RSS Feed contains 2 root nodes
  • 536479 Tweaks for the new CSS/HTML of the Jetpack Detail-view page
  • 537797 Remaining Jetpack Gallery bugs before 2nd point release push
  • 540647 User can submit empty Jetpack reviews

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