QA/Execution/Web Testing/MDC/Test Plan

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Bug Lists:

  • Open bugs
  • Resolved bugs

What QA will cover:

  • (Please help us prioritize this list)
  • Layout testing (Firefox 3.0.x and greater,Safari,Chrome,IE7 and greater)
  • Visual check
  • Link checking
  • Login/Logout
  • Basic search
  • Page/article creation
  • Page/article renaming
  • Move article to a new place
  • Move article to an existing page (this should fail gracefully)
  • Page/article deletion
  • Page history
    • Version comparison
  • Table of Contents
  • Site Tools dropdown
    • Watched pages
  • Tags
  • User pages
  • Page notifications
  • Basic security testing (XSS in forms)
  • Basic l10n testing (test a couple other locales)
  • User registration

What QA will *not* cover:

  • Cross-browser compatibility testing
  • Advanced security testing
  • Doctype-validation testing