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(Yes, this should be 2010-05-21, sorry; someone with redirect knowledge can fix it.)

Discussion Items

  • First things first: welcome, Tanay!
  • Who's working on what?
    • Now's the perfect time to figure it out
  • We've successfully incorporated the security checklist
  • Thanks to all for helping with the well-received meetup!
    • And, of course, congrats to Raymond for his presentation

Project Status

  • AMO 5.11
    • Code freeze on the 26th
  • SUMO 1.5.5 and 2.1
  • Firefox Cup (World Cup)
  • New project:
    • Bespin Gallery (likely a Level 2/Level 3)
      • Tanay, do you want to take this?
  • Automation
    • AMO and SUMO
      • Should they be identical? Close? Something for the automation meeting.

Round Table

  • Matt
  • Stephen
  • Krupa
  • Vishal
  • Raymond
  • Truman
  • Rebecca
  • Tanay

Takeaways and Action Items

  • Stephen to add an "Owner" column to the Web Testing projects part of the page
    • And add a project page for each
  • Stephen to follow-up on staging performance/stability issues