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Discussion Items

  • Goals
    • Q2
    • Q3 (tentative)
      • Automate 60 |in-testsuite?| bugs (AMO, SUMO, where appropriate
      • Improved reporting/rollup of automation execution (send out weekly reports with graphs of pass/fails over the past week)
        • Notes field (noise in the system, real bug, comment of why it failed, etc.)
        • Capture that information and embed it on the homepage
      • Have Litmus coverage (testcases, test runs) comprising ~ 85% of the new functionality introduced in Kitsune/AMO Marketplace
      • Expand coverage for Firefox 4/Mobile/Firefox Home download pages
      • Utilization of crowd-sourcing on a number of major release (uTest/community/testdays)
      • Firefox 4 feature ownership/testing
      • SUMO-specific goal (Rebecca to fill in)

Project Status (keep it brief)

  • AMO 5.11.2
    • Status (krupa)
  • SUMO 1.5.5 and 2.1
    • Status (rebecca/stephend)
  • Automation
    • AMO (truman)
      • Testcases for the Personas pages, new search panel
    • SUMO (tanay/vishal)
    • (tanay)

Round Table

  • Matt
  • Stephen
  • Krupa
  • Vishal
  • Raymond
  • Truman
  • Rebecca
  • Tanay

Takeaways and Action Items

  • Rebecca to link her test plan/project page to the homepage
  • Have an automation project page (link to the Google Doc)
  • High-level status rolled up weekly to Matt about test/environment issues
    • Team to take turns sending this out
      • Send a mail to Matt, with a cc to the mozwebqa alias