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Discussion Items / Updates

  • Welcome David Burns and Dave Hunt!

From last meeting:

  • Update/resurrect the test automation coverage doc for AMO
  • On the Automation page, split out the various projects and list their current and planned coverage -- status?
    • I said I'd do this, and I haven't -- will have it done by Monday morning (stephend)
  • Firefox 4 coverage on nightlies with Selenium RC and the latest IDE -- status?
  • Red Panda project

Project Status / goals for next week (keep it brief)

  • AMO
    • Release date for AMO 5.12.2 has been moved to 11/9
    • Currently testing Dev Tools
  • SUMO
    • Preparing for KB release in November
    • Added second Army of Awesome release to schedule for first week of November
    • We are a week behind on the first batch of pages for the redesign due as pages are not done yet. Will have a discussion with Mike Alexis later to plan for more time for QA when pages are done
  • MDN / MDC
    • MDC Mindtouch upgrade would not be part of the MDN 0.9.1 release, Sheppy is going to update QA when staging is ready to be tested
    • MDN 0.9.1 ships November 2, 2010 after code freeze early next week.
  • Input
    • No QA update; development hasn't fixed anything yet
  • Spread Firefox / Text Affiliates
    • No update from dev
  • Socorro
    • Stephen & Vishal tested postCrashEmail Submission
    • Stephen also did a regression test for 1.7.5
    • Socorro on-site is next week
    • 1.7.5 scheduled to release on Nov 2nd
  • Automation

Round Table

Takeaways and Action Items

  • Need to run Firefox 4 beta 7 with Selenium
  • Take a look at SUMO bugs and start flagging in-testsuite?
  • Raymond to take lead on Red Panda project
    • Get a timeline for it
  • Look at engaging uTest on the "All for One" project
  • Load-testing Socorro
  • Stephen to figure out temporary Input transition plan
  • Ping Adam Goucher on Selenium IDE compatibility with Firefox 4