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Every Thursday @ 9am PDT/PST

Dial-in Information:

650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 303 (US/INTL)
1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 303 (US)

Action Items / Takeaways from Last Week

Discussion Items / Updates

Project Status / goals for next week (keep it brief)

  • Engagement projects
  • AMO
    • We've quickly knocked down 10 pull requests this week.
    • Work is in progress for Marketplace tests
    • We're testing out the focus manager patch with (Thx for help from Dave Hunt)
  • Input
    • Created a production Jenkins job
    • Q1 the project will likely see active development again
  • Jetpack Builder (aka FlightDeck)
    • Pull created for BrowserID migration
    • No update
  • Mozillians
    • Authentication for all locals now uses BrowserID
  • MDN
    • Working on 1.9 push
  • Socorro
  • SUMO
  • Case Conductor

Time off / Out-of-office

Takeaways and Action Items

  • Action Items:
    • Sergey to talk to the Selenium Camp to figure out how we can help for next year
    • Stephen to talk to the Selenium Camp to better-involve, next year
    • Stephen to send mail to mozwebqa about the new version of Django that includes Selenium hooks
    • Team to look at the abort-and-stop-all-builds plugin
    • Krupa to talk to Engagement directly about the list of Q1 projects
  • Next owner: Krupa
  • Next week's meeting notes: