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Setup: has a three-tier system:

Fixes are usually checked into SVN, and trunk pulls from SVN almost instantaneously; once changes are tested and verified, they can be pushed to staging; alternatively, they can be pushed to both staging and production if need be.

  • Production runs on a CDN - EdgeCast; pretty static site, so this *shouldn't* affect anything -- if images/JS/CSS don't load on prod, it might be them


Relationship of What's New & First Run pages

  • Freshly installed Firefox, you get:
    • First Run (left tab focused/active)
    • Firefox start page on (right tab)
  • 3.0.x -> 3.5.x, you get:
    • First Run (left tab)
    • What's New (right tab focused/active)
  • 3.0.x-1 (next-to-latest version) -> 3.0.x (latest version)
    • Firefox start page on (left tab)
    • What's New page (right focused/active)

Redirects / user-agent detection

  • Redirects:
    • Most redirects happen in .htaccess (302s, usually)
  • User-agent detection:
    • Usually uses RewriteCond rules

Important Pages (mostly in-product)


Video pages

  • Pages with video should be checked with Flash -and- OGG-capable browsers (with fallback in most cases)

Testing Add-ons' inclusion on

  • Ensure that they have a src= parameter, when used on First Run / What's New pages (and maybe /central, in the future?) -- check with Justin Scott, when in doubt

SiteSpect - configs used for multi-variate testing

HOSTS tweak: