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Web QA Project Ownership Checklist

Discussion topics for areas of product coverage.

Manual testing

  • Feature verification, cross-browser and cross-environment testing, usability testing, l10n testing, exploratory testing, specification testing, stress and load testing, etc


  • The end-to-end test repository
    • Running, observing test results, and maintaining current tests
    • Identification and creation of new coverage.
  • Reviewing pull request
  • Historically Web QA has used git issues to track automation needs
  • Review how to interact with the channel-bot -- qatestbot
  • Review how to access
  • Test repository; transition into the project's code base or continue to exist where it currently is


  • Managing the test plan and reviewing the risk heuristics
    • Reviewing components of the test plan - manual and test automation strategy
    • Baking community into the test plan
  • Working with, reaching out to community, and maintaining relationships
    • Organizing test days, events, etc
  • Monitoring #moc and NewRelic + receiving tracebacks from Sentry
  • Triaging Bugzilla - unconfirmed/resolved/assigned/reopened/etc bugs + the technical debt list
  • Documentation - maintaining up-to-date documentation [manual testing, test automation, getting involved], blog posts, etc
  • Ownership of tasks