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ReMo Testplan



  • OS/Browser coverage requirements
    • Firefox versions x-x
    • Chrome
    • Safari
    • IE versions x-x
    • any others?
  • Performance testing
    • N/A?
  • Security testing
    • N/A?


  • Reps Planet Feed
    • Displays posts only enough articles to fit the page column
    • Updates with new articles
    • Links correctly
  • Rep of the month
    • Displays correctly including links
  • Header
    • Tabzilla displays and functions correclty
    • Links are correct, as is UI and content
  • Footer
    • Content is correct
    • Links and UI are correct
  • Slideshow banner
    • Is active in all supported browsers, displays correctly
  • Sign in/out
    • Profile links and name display are correct
    • Able to sign in or out
    • Join pop-up displays correctly


  • Map
    • Default: displays the full planet map
    • Able to zoom in/out, more detail displays with closer view including city names and some cartography
    • Able to move the display up/down L/R with your mouse
    • Clicking a pointer will display user information
    • Pointers match the location of the user
    • Able to display Grid or List view
      • Grid is the default, displays user image, name, location
      • List displays user data in a list format without images
      • It's unclear how the users are sorted
  • Search
    • Able to filter using search keywords
    • Search results update automatically
    • Able to search by: name, location
    • Able to click user data under map to get to their profile


  • View: any user can view a profile
  • User data displays correctly: icon, map pointer, links
  • Users are able to view submitted reports


  • Text & UI look OK
  • Links on sidebar work correctly

Logged in Functionality

  • Dashboard
    • Dashboard displays instead of Main page
  • Reports
    • Able to view all of your reports
    • Report links are color coded: blue=submitted, red=missing
    • Able to view mine, mentees grid or list, all
    • Check links for reports and mentees
  • Budget requests
    • Able to view all requests
    • Able to sort by mine, my mentees, all
    • Links work correctly
    • Able to enter new budget request
  • Swag requests
    • Able to view all requests
    • Able to sort by mine, my mentees, all
    • Links work correctly
    • Able to enter new swag request
  • Community IT Requests
    • Display in list with bug number and data
  • Mentorship
    • Displays mentorship [need more details]
  • Planning
    • Displays list of planning bugs with links and data
  • Administration
    • Able to view list of users without mentors
    • Able to view list of empty profiles
    • All links work correctly