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Active Repositories

RoR Badges
fxapom GitHub-Mark-32px.png fxapom.png fxapom.png
fxtestbot GitHub-Mark-32px.png fxtestbot.png fxtestbot.png
go-bouncer GitHub-Mark-32px.png go-bouncer.png go-bouncer.png
mozillians-tests GitHub-Mark-32px.png mozillians-tests.png mozillians-tests.png
mozwebqa-dashboard GitHub-Mark-32px.png mozwebqa-dashboard.png mozwebqa-dashboard.png
Add a new Web QA repository to this list:


Dormant Repositories

Add a new Web QA repository to this list:


Creating a new repository

Follow these steps to create a new repository under the Mozilla organisation:

  1. Create a new repository in your personal GitHub account
  2. Under "Settings" find the area that allows you to transfer the repository, and click the "Transfer" button
  3. Enter the repository name (for example "treeherder-tests")
  4. Enter the organization "mozilla"
  5. Click the "I understand" button, and in a few minutes the repository should be transferred to Mozilla

Deactivating a repository

Follow these steps to mark a repository as inactive:

  1. Change the owner in the repository's wiki page to "Web QA (dormant)"
  2. Create a pull request that removes all content and adds a notice to the README (example)
  3. Close any issues or pull requests against the repository
  4. Deactivate any of the Webhooks for/against the repository
  5. Deactivate GitHub Issues for the repository
  6. Deactivate for the repository
  7. Disable Travis CI for the repository
  8. Delete any Jenkins jobs for the repository
  9. Remove the repository from Treeherder (reverse)