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This page provides a list of what to look for while testing the new Knowledge Base: SUMO release 2.3.

Users are able to read most everything, but to create a new article, edit, etc. they must be logged in.

Many article, header and footer links go to production [], but testing needs to be on

Exempt from testing

open bugs

  • en-US/home page is not complete with bad links, unlinked articles, and generic text
  • upload in media gallery not working for foreign characters
  • deleting images in media gallery not fully implemented yet
  • no video icons [yet] for videos in the media gallery
  • sidebar links not all working
  • bad link to Support Document Guide on /edit
  • /mobile page links not finished
  • Opera 'Help With' sidebar not working
  • /contributors dashboard 'Translations Needing Updates' isn't populating
  • not all documents migrated correctly on /kb/all list, ex:*Plugin%20crash%20reports
  • and MANY more- see open bugs list

Links for testing and reporting bugs:

Staging test site

Production site

Existing bugs- Open and Resolved

File a new bug in Bugzilla

wiki syntax display

Tips on testing Wiki syntax

CSS rules on Wiki syntax

Knowledge Base litmus test cases

Test Cases

Create article

new article

  • new articles do not display content until they have an approved revision
  • required fields include title, slug, category, summary, and content
  • field testing
  • summary
  • content
  • test toolbar formatting
  • test media wiki markup displays correctly
  • add subarticles
  • test SHOWFOR [see wiki syntax links]
  • preview article
  • submit/cancel changes

Edit article

  • edit description fields > generates no history
  • edit content > adds revision to history
  • preview changes
  • submit/cancel changes
  • toolbar

Article History

  • Admins able to approve/reject revisions
    • minor, content changes, major
    • If you want to approve/reject revisions, log in with username: sumo1 pw: sumo1
  • compare revisions

Email notifications

  • automatic for article author
  • subscribe/unsubscribe to notifications
  • approved/rejected revision notification with optional text to editor


  • search results for both kb articles, forum posts, and questions
  • able to search keywords
  • articles display based on relevant OS/Browser checkboxes in article

Article Discussion

  • Create a new thread
  • Add reply to a thread


Media gallery