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Friday July 8th, 2011

  • Testday will be in the IRC channel #testday
  • Testday moderators will include: rbillings, Topal, michaelverdi, Ibai
  • File all issues/questions/concerns on the Testday Etherpad
  • Focus testing in groups will occur in the channel from 8am - noon PST.
  • It'll be a lot of fun! Stop by and check out the new features.

Test data

You can create content in your new dashboard in the testgroup by participating in test questions. After you add an answer to one of the test questions, you will receive updates when they are added to in the future.Here are some to work on to get you started:


This page provides a list of what to look for while testing the new SUMO Users & Groups & Private Messaging functionality.

During the testday on Friday July 8th we'll be working from the production site:

  • You will need to be assigned the correct permissions to view the new features. Join use in the IRC channel #testday for questions & set-up assistance. We can add you to groups and allow you to send and receive private messages.

For feature documentation, here is information for the testday. Keep in mind that features are not implemented exactly as detailed in the documentation.

Exempt from testing

  • Admin functions

Links for testing and reporting bugs:

  • File a bug - enter component, summary and description of the issue.

Test Cases

Users & Groups

  • users are added to groups as members or group leaders
  • groups only display when logged in
  • groups are set up by an admin
    • groups may display questions or links to contributor dashboards
  • groups display as tabs in the user dashboard
  • groups may display announcements
  • questions dashboards display updates for questions you have participated in
  • The group leader can add members from the group profile
    • The field to add users should have auto-complete for usernames

Private Messaging

  • able to send new messages to one or many valid users
  • new messages require a recipient and a message of any length [not empty]
  • able to send or cancel sending messages
  • able to view inbox only with permissions
  • able to view list of received messages
    • message icons update with status: unread, read, replied
    • messages display sender avatar, name, date/time
  • able to include internal or external links in messages
  • able to view sent messages
  • able to reply to messages [only to sender]
  • able to delete messages