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Overview: This aims to help facilitate both QA and Development in running and writing Selenium-based testcases to help better-test SUMO.

Testcase location

How to run these tests *individually* using the Selenium IDE
1. Download the Selenium IDE from
2. Install it
3. Launch Selenium (Tools->Selenium IDE), and choose File | Open
4. Give it the individual test location and choose OK/Open>
5. Ensure the base URL is appropriate (staging vs. production) -- the testcases should all be written as relative, so they'll work in both
6. Click Play!

Testcases needed

  • SHOWFOR functionality
    • In conjunction with style_mode=inproduct
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Turning on/off the Captcha
    • So we can better test submitting article feedback/new forum posts while logged out

Current test coverage

PHP-based tests

htacess script

Selenese-based tests

Anonymous user related functionality

Functionality related to logged in users