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Last updated: 2016/05/23


Features Status

Feature QA Owner Tracking Bug Documentation/Test Plan Feature Health Nightly Feature Health Aurora Feature Health Beta
Android M Permissions and Tab Queues Teodora Vermesan bug 1205216 Testplan [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK]
Optimize home screen shortcuts Mihai Pop bug 826400 Testplan [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK]
EOL Honeycomb (3.x) Ioana Chiorean bug 1155801 Testplan NA NA [ON TRACK]
Block error page when hitting blocked URL in FFB mode Mihai Ninu bug 1225433 Testplan [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK] NA
Use Alexa top 5 sites as default suggested tiles Teodora Vermesan bug 1216987 Testplan [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK]
Improve Web Notifications UX Ioana Chiorean bug 1206207, bug 1212606, bug 1212611 Testplan [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK]
Inform users that old sync will be deprecated Sorina Florean bug 1220904 Testplan [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK]
Android 6.0+: Support for requesting permissions at runtime Sorina Florean bug 1212830 Testplan [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK]
Include default domains for inline autocompletion Mihai Pop bug 858829, bug 1229862 Testplan [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK]
Redefining search via awesomebar should automatically provide search suggestions Sorina Florean bug 1022464 Testplan [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK]
Revise first-run onboarding tour to present browser functionality Ioana Chiorean bug 1220244 Testplan [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK]
Support sub-distributions based on MCC/MNC codes Ioana Chiorean bug 1227603 Testplan NA NA NA
Enable and support signed add-ons Mihai Pop bug 1170113 Testplan [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK]
Added locale(s): Maya Kaqchikel (cak) Ioana Chiorean bug 1252454 Testplan NA NA [ON TRACK]
Added locale(s): Romansh (rm) Ioana Chiorean bug 1247659 Testplan NA NA [ON TRACK]
Add History and Bookmarks in Menu Ninu bug 1231792 Testplan [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK]
Understand usage and usefulness of default bookmarks bug 1262896
OMA copyright protection support bug 1219078 bug 1253684



Release Candidate



Meeting Purpose When
Crashkill Discuss urgent concerns with stability (ie. crashes) Every Monday at 10:00 AM Pacific
Product Planning Discuss concerns about feature development and/or schedule Every Tuesday at 9:00 AM Pacific
Release Coordination Raise issues of utmost importance to the Release Managers Every Tuesday & Thursday at 10:00 AM Pacific
Development Discuss concerns with development Every Wednesday at 9:30 AM Pacific
Mobile Triage Nominate bugs to get developer attention Every Thursday at 10:00 AM Pacific
Quality Engineering Discuss concerns with the Support and Project teams Every Thursday at 1:30 PM Pacific