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Fennec 9.0 Aurora Test Plan


The goal of this Overall Test Plan is to lay out our testing strategy, determine who will own certain test areas and when they will do it it and, finally, track the status. All of our releases are based off the Fennec 9.0 Aurora Catch-All Test Run" on the Litmus TCM. For more information about Fennec 9.0, take a look at the mobile team's Feature Planning page.

Project Contacts

  • Dev Lead: Mark Finkle (:mfinkle)
  • Build: John Oduinn (:joduinn)
  • QA: Aaron Train (:AaronMT)


  • Start Date: 09/27/2011
  • End Date: 11/08/2011

Build Location and IDs

  1. Go to the nightly builds folder in our ftp directory
  2. Go to the "latest-mozilla-aurora" folder
  3. Download and install the candidate onto your Android phone or device

Features Landed

Test Areas


QA Task Person/Group How Often?
Smoketests Waverley Weekly

Lite verification tests (or smoketests) will be first run when the builds are ready. Tests are available on litmus under the Fennec 9.0 Test Suite. In any case of failure in any Smoketest, blockers need to be raised ASAP.

Results details can be found in Waverley's results wiki.

Fixed Bugs Verifications

QA Task Person/Group How Often?
Bug Verification nhirata/Andreea As-needed

status-firefox9: fixed and approval-mozilla-aurora+ bugs: tracking-fennec: 9+ and approval-mozilla-aurora+