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Allow users to search for words inside accessed Web pages.

Top issues



  • Developer: vivien
  • QA: vlad

Test Strategy

Most tests will be covered by manual tests located in Litmus

Test Plan
  • Environment
    • Maemo N900
    • Android Nexus One, Droid, HTC Desire, HTC Droid Incredible
  • Features to be tested
    • Find in page initiated from the Site Menu - will appear as an option in Site Panel
    • Find in page and Form Assistant share the same space in the UI - should appear at the bottom of the browser window, just below the content area
    • Find in page persists until is dismissed - toolbar should be dismissed when tapping anywhere else in the page
    • Searched text is highlighted - page is scrolled to the first match of searched text. The instance is highlighted.
    • "Next" and "Previous" buttons are enabled/disabled if other/no instances of the searched text are available in the page - if at least one match is found buttons are enabled; otherwise they are disabled
    • Find in page shortcut - CTRL+F should bring up the "Find in page" toolbar (for devices with hard software)
    • Auto-populate the text in the Find-in-page textbox with search engine query - when a search through a button on the navigation screen (e.g. google, wikipedia, etc.) is made, that searched-for string should be prefilled into the Find-in-page field

Related Bugs

  • bug 541817 - Fennec needs find in page functionality (CTRL+F)
  • bug 582577 - Finalize styling of Form Assistant and Find-In-Page
  • bug 582198 - Add enhancements to Find in Page function
  • bug 582581 - Auto-populate the text in the Find-in-page textbox with search engine query