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Fennec 5.0 RC Test Plan

Current Cycle

The current cycle for Firefox mobile is centered around qualifying the builds for Final release.

Sign off

Test results:

Bugs found:

  • Track using [fennec5.0rc] in the whiteboard

Milestone: Firefox mobile 5.0


Known Issues: The following issues are already known and should not be reported again

  • bug 628269 - Pages are zoomed in at reload
  • bug 639504 - Unable to zoom in/out a webpage on header/footer when a double tap gesture is made


Smoketests cover broad areas of testing for Firefox mobile. These represent core functions of the browser. Any failures during the smoketest should be addressed before continuing with the other testing. All branding should be using the Firefox name. Beta feedback extension should not be present.

Assigned Device Completed
Ioana Android June 16th
Ioana N900 June 16th

Detailed Smoketest results


Basic functional tests cover specific features and ensure continued quality.

Assigned Device Completed:
Nicolae, Andreea, Anna Android 2.2 16th June

Detailed BFT results


Complete the Litmus localization test run for each language. In addition light testing on featured locales to ensure strings fit the space allotted and there are no entity errors from missing or corrupt localizations.

Assigned Device Completed
nhirata Android Done

Detailed L10N matrix

Virtual Device Testing

Complete the device compatibility checks against the following devices. If time permits smoketests and basic functional testing can be run.

Assigned Device Completed
Waverley HTC Inspire 4G (PD98120) hit vm issue
Waverley Samsung Galaxy S 4G device not found

Detailed VM results

Website compatibility

Verify that there are no visual regressions with the top site list. Exploratory daily browsing usage is also covered under this

Pass kbrosnan June 17th

Website Sign off

Examine the copy for the staged websites that are part of the release promotion. We review the pages for technical errors in the copy. Additionally we help flag bugs and issues for notice in the release notes.

Update Testing

Once the build is live on the Android market test that updating and installing works on a variety of devices and Android OS versions. Once the update is complete upgrading should preserve the users profile settings.