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Mobile Website Compatibility Testing


The web can be different when viewed on a mobile device as hardware and operating system constraints can be stringent on the things that can be performed by an application. With that said,, testing over common desktop-based web pages need be tested for their compatibility over such environments. The websites listed on this page should act as a starting point for exploratory testing with mobile browsing on Mozilla's Mobile Firefox.



  • Maps
    • What to Do:
      • Get directions from your home to the new HQ
      • Search for directions and add the resulting page as a bookmark
    • Example Sites
  • E-mail
    • What to Do:
      • Save your login credentials, log out and revisit the page again
      • Check you Inbox
      • Compose and send an e-mail
      • Download an attachment
      • Add a calendar event
      • Upload a spreadsheet (via Gmail if you have it)
      • Open their online instant messaging application
    • Example Sites
  • News Readers



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