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Alpha 2 is a big release to add many required features, more usability, configurability, stability and performance.

For Alpha 2 QA expects to see:

  • daily builds for [linux-arm].
  • daily builds for windows mobile.
  • mochitests running on nokia device.
  • all bugs for Alpha 2 verified
  • Completed test plan for Alpha 1 and 2 features
    • defined test cases in [litmus] and automation
  • a [litmus] test run

Test Results

Test Areas

Feature Focused Areas

Feature Area and Spec Test Plan Location Testing Notes QA Contact Dev Contact Device Needed Links
Zoom gavin M
Awesome bar and search here jmaher enndeakin N
Download Manager here jmaher mfinkle N
Running Firefox's mochitests here Support OOM and hung tests on Nokia jmaher jmaher N
Windows Mobile here build/installation notes jmaher wolfe Y
Certificate Management johnath N
Weave dolske N
Interop Dictionary, T9, etc... christian Y
Keyboard open, close, access, hardkeys, user defined db48x, neil Y

Additional References

This section is left to add any additional references relevant to the Mobile project



  • Need build and installation instructions for windows mobile