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Firefox QA Standup - April 8th, 2015

Dial-in Information


Discussion Items

  • [Florin] Desktop General status ( ):
    • signing off on Firefox 38 Beta 2 - done
    • signing off on Firefox 38 Beta 3 & 4 - upcoming
    • heavy focus on testing Firefox 38 new features: Reading List, Reader View, Suggested Tiles, and Screensharing. Note that only the last one is in decent shape currently.
    • e10s Regression Testing - Reading List & Reader View

Project Updates

  • DOM (ashughes)
    • no updates this week

  • Graphics (ashughes)
    • no updates this week

  • Stability (KaiRo)
    • see channel status, general stability and quality is bad
  • EME automation + YouTube MSE automation [sydpolk]
  • [Read-only] Continuing tests for playing back YouTube
  • [Read-only] Staring integration with treeherder work that was started in November but put on hiatus
  • [Read-only] Starting to design tests for EME

  • Mobile

Notes and Actions

  • [Florin] Kevin promised last week to send us the "big picture" on where QA resources are involved. Any progress on this?


  • Upcoming PTOs:
    • Ica - PTO April 8th to 14th
    • Otilia - PTO April 10th
    • Andrei - PTO April 14th & 15th
    • Mihai - PTO April 20th
    • Henrik - PTO most of April
    • SoftVision out of office on Monday April 13th (Easter Holiday)
    • Anthony Hughes - April 16-26
  • Events


As you likely know we have a new feature launching in Firefox  38.1 for the Spring Campaign called Reading List. It allows you to save  and sync articles you'd like come back to, either on your desktop or  android device (and soon iOS), making it easy to keep all your news in  one place and digest at your leisure. It also includes Reader View,  which strips away all the chrome and cruft from websites so you can  focus in on the story.

Reading List is in beta now, and we're expanding our testing to include some One and Done tasks. If you have 5 minutes and want to help out, please pick up a task at:

Channel Status

Release (Fx 37)(Desktop - KaiRo Mobile - Aaron/Ioana)

Beta (Fx38) (Desktop - KaiRo Mobile - Ioana/Kevin)

  • [Ioana] [read only] Mobile 37 Beta 2 out without new issues:
  • [Ioana] [read only] Beta 4 will bring several uplifts: Request Desktop Site, Reading List
  • Crash rate at 2.0, needs significant improvement
  • Plugin crashes are/were up to pre-MSE level as YouTube switched us back to Flash by default. 38 and higher should be back to HTML5/MSE today
  • Pool of people prone to gfx startup crashes has been depleted heavily on beta due to past issues, we need to be more attentive to those issues when they come up on beta.

Aurora (Fx 39) (Desktop - KaiRo Mobile - Ioana/Kevin)

  • [Ioana] [read only] Aurora
  • Crash rate at 7.4, which is *really* high, a lot of plugin-related issues due to async plugin init work that aklotz did in that cycle but which is disabled when e10s is enabled, so not much testing of it on nightly

Nightly (Fx 40) (Desktop - KaiRo Mobile - Ioana/Kevin)

ESR (Fx 31.6.0)


Automation (whimboo)

  • General

  • Mozmill

  • Marionette