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Firefox QA Standup - July 9th, 2014

Dial-in Information

Attendees: Florin, Bogdan, Otilia, Ioana Chiorean, Teodora Vermesan, Catalin Suciu, Cristina Madaras, Flaviu Cos, Mihaela, Petruta, KaiRo, Andrei, kbrosnan, Henrik, Francesca

Discussion Items

  • [Florin] High load due to incoming requests: Update Hotfix, SocialAPI, Video drivers blocklisting. Currently focusing on Beta work as main priority:
    • SocialAPI - on hold until after we're done with Beta.
    • Update Hotfix - considered lower priority (right at the moment only Catalin is working on it).
  • Notes from the Fx Android Product meeting
  • L10n issue on mobile side [ioanachiorean]
  • QA Badges - any known progress? [ioanachiorean]
    • Contact Rebecca for details - IoanaChiorean
    • Build them up around pathways

Verification Process - in test suite check..

  1. Check the landed changeset if a test for an in-tree test suite is included
    1. [YES] Ensure that the in-testsuite flag is set to '+'
    2. [NO] Ask the developer if a test can be added soon, and set the flag to in-testsuite?
  2. The developer accepts the creation of an in-tree test
    1. [YES] Make sure that the flag is set to in-testsuite+ when the test gets landed
    2. [NO] Ensure that the flag is set to in-testsuite-
  3. Is an automated test under a QA driven test framework necessary?
    1. [YES] Set the in-qa-testsuite? flag for e.g. Henrik Skupin, and ask if it is possible to add this as a test to e.g. Mozmill for Firefox Desktop / Robocop for Firefox Mobile
    2. [No] Leave this flag alone.
  4. QA automation folks accept the creation of an automated test?
    1. [YES] Make sure that the flag is set to in-qa-testsuite+ when the test gets landed
    2. [NO] Ensure that the flag is set to in-qa-testsuite-
  5. Is no automated test possible at all?
    1. [YES] Add a manual test for Moztrap if needed

Notes and Actions


  • Upcoming PTOs:
    • Paul - PTO - July 7 - 11
    • Petruta - PTO - July 11
    • Otilia - PTO - July 14th - 18th (please contact Florin Mezei and Ioana Chiorean for project purposes and Mihai Constandis for management matters)
    • Tracy - PTO June 24 through July 13th
    • Mihai P - PTO - 30 June - 18 July
    • Francesca Ciceri (madamezou) - VAC July 12-22
    • Henrik - PTO - July 21st - Aug 1st
  • juanb - PTO - July 18 / 21
  • KaiRo out
  • Events

Q3 Goals


Channel Status

== Release (Fx30) (Desktop Tracy Mobile Kevin)

Beta (Fx 31) ( Desktop -Anthony/Liz Mobile - Aaron/Kevin )

  • GGC is crashing too much and will be deactivated in b9
  • GFX blocklist (bug 988549)
  • Fixes in b8 make PushClipsToDT crashes vanish! Probably big win on desktop and Android.
    • This is probably between bug 1028491and bug 1034584

Aurora (Fx 32) (Desktop Juan/Kamil Mobile - Aaron/Kevin)

  • Nyet

=== Nightly (Fx 33)(Tracy/Kevin)

  • Nothing to mention

ESR (Fx 24.7 + Fx 31)

  • [Florin] Does the Smoke suite for 31 ESR branch need updating (compared to 24)? (mwobensmith: Yes)


  • Ongoing pkix testing
  • Fixed bug verification


  • Puppet:
    • Remaining issues with proxies for puppet agent have finally been fixed
    • Java installation is also done for CI slaves
    • Working on Flash now
  • TPS
    • About to land the patch for fxa-python-client which enables us to run concurrent jobs
    • Figuring out how to supply the tps environment to slaves (maybe we also create pre-configured ones)
  • Mozmill


  • Did lots of poking and analysis around stability issues on 31 beta
    • 3 areas of issues: GGC, GFX blocklist, experiments