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Firefox QA Standup - August 26th, 2015

Dial-in Information

Attendees: Florin, Andrei, Cornel, Ioana, Mihai, Paul, Teo

Discussion Items

  • [Florin] Desktop General status -
    • Builds sign off - 41 Beta 3 & 4
    • WebRTC Smoke testing - Aurora 42
    • Feature testing
    • Main focus:
      • Build sign offs - 41 Beta 5 & 6, 40.0.3, 38.2.1
      • WebRTC Smoke testing - Aurora 42 - issues investigation
      • Feature testing
  • [Ioana] Mobile updates:
    • Aurora Sign Off fro update s- Fennec 42
    • Fennec 41 Beta 4
      • almost done - mail coming soon
      • no major bug found
    • No major features update s

Major New Desktop Features status

  • [Andrei & Cornel] Windows 10
  • [Bogdan] Hello - Text Chat (Fx 41) (read only)
    • No updates
  • [Ica] Add-ons Signing (Fx 41) (read-only)
    • No updates.
  • [Paul] Control Center (Fx 42)
    • No updates, continued with bugs verification
  • [Florin] Async Plugin (Fx 41)

Project Updates

  • Metrics / Dashboards (KaiRo)

  • EME automation + YouTube MSE automation [sydpolk]
    • maja_zf working on mozharness script(s) to run firefox_media_tests in buildbot + preliminary work to move the tests into m-c
    • maja_zf improved ad detection on YouTube for firefox-media-tests, which fixes our top intermittent failure for long-running playback tests. Still need to tweak how video stalls are detected
    • syd_polk - back from PTO. Fixed partial playback of videos, which allows better sanity checks.
  • Mobile

Notes and Actions


  • Upcoming PTOs:
    • Alexandra Lucinet - Aug 24 - Sep 4
    • Bogdan Maris - Aug 31 - Sep 11
    • Camelia Badau - Aug 31 - Sep 9
    • US/Canada Holiday September 7
    • Syd Polk in Mountain View September 1-September 5; at Jenkins Conference in Santa Clara Sept. 3-Sept.4.
  • Events


Channel Status

Release (Fx 40)(Desktop - KaiRo Mobile - Ioana/Kevin)

  • 40.0.3 release coming tomorrow (there probably will be another build), mostly for two security bugs and some ride-alongs.

Beta (Fx41) (Desktop - KaiRo Mobile - Ioana/Kevin)

  • Once again, stability looks really good
  • We need to investigate if we fix async plugin init or need to turn it off - if the latter, we run into the issue that e10s disables it in nightly and dev edition.

Aurora (Fx 42) (Desktop - KaiRo Mobile - Ioana/Kevin)

Nightly (Fx 43) (Desktop - KaiRo Mobile - Ioana/Kevin)

ESR (Fx 38.2.0)


Automation (whimboo)

  • Last week we had to release Mozmill because of add-on breakage due to add-on signing. All works fine again for Firefox 40.
  • Our publishing of test results to Treeherder works great with nearly no emails to the mozmill-ci mailing list anymore. It also makes retriggereing of builds easy enough. See the results of the release builds from today:
  • Funsize (new update generation process) broke our update tests about 1.5 weeks ago. A fix has been landed and staging is already running update tests. production will follow tomorrow after all releases have been tested.
  • Work is ongoing to make test execution and reporting to treeherder more stable. Means we convert our custom runner scripts to mozharness, which should hopefully not take that long
  • We are planning to reduce our infrastructure by utilizing TaskCluster for our tests. It looks like that we should first land our tests in m-c first, which will make things way easier due to already existent scripts and configs